Become a Certified Life Coach and train in Jungian Psychology with Dr. Rob Maldonado and Debi Maldonado. Work with the shadow in a coaching model, dream interpretation and visualization to transform lives.

Become a

Certified Jungian Life Coach

Apply to join this unique and in-depth training in Jungian psychology and eastern wisdom. Be personally mentored by Dr. Rob Maldonado and Debi Maldonado to reach your goals.

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Master the Art of Psychology and the Mind

Train in Jungian Psychology through your own individuation process so that you can easily coach others.

Train anywhere in the world and at your own pace

You can get your training remotely from anywhere in the world. Live in-person trainings are available in U.S. and Europe.

Increase Your Spiritual Awareness

Master the art of using your dreams and symbols that show up in everyday life to increase your intuition and access your true spiritual potential.

Customized Guidance and Support

Having a personal mentor to guide you through the process gives you a direct personal experience as well as ability to tailor your training to your specific interests.

About Robert Maldonado. Ph.D.

Dr. Rob is recognized internationally as a human development and transformation expert. He has had a life-long interest in the mindbody interventions, Jungian psychology, and the integration of western psychology and the wisdom traditions of the world to form a new and holistic synthesis for our current age. Dr. Rob holds a master’s degree in clinical psychology form the University of Texas and a Ph.D. in counseling psychology form the University of Wisconsin. His academic training includes physiological psychology, biofeedback, neuropsychology, neurodevelopment, social neuroscience, and the common factors that make for effective interventions in diverse cultural settings. His clinical experience includes working with individuals, groups, couples and families. Dr. Rob’s interests include the exploration of consciousness, positive health psychology, and eastern wisdom traditions including Yoga, Buddhism, and Taoism.

Debi trained in clinical hypnotherapy, massage therapy, energy medicine and coaching. She has worked personally with over 1,000 individuals to help with pain-free childbirth, surgery preparation and recovery, symptom relief from serious illness, weight loss and eating management, smoking cessation, and more. Debi is also the best-selling author of the book, LET LOVE IN: Open Your Heart & Mind to Attract Your Ideal Partner (Wiley 2010), is a columnist for Inc Magazine and has been featured by NBC, ABC, FOX, Cosmopolitan,, Huffington Post and more. Debi's interests include spirituality, Yoga, visualization and guided imagery, meditation and dreamwork.


We interview every potential student to make sure that this training fits with their goals. Apply today to get a free interview directly with Debi Maldonado. Limited Spaces Available for 2018.